Please be sure to *VOTE on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017!

You might think your vote doesn't matter, or that a primary election doesn't matter -- not true! 

These elections do matter; the people that run in these kinds of elections are the Mayors, Governors, Congresspeople, Senators and Presidents of the future!  

Be informed - start [but don't stop here!] with some of these articles:

I love my trees that were planted beside my home for FREE!! 

                                           - Matteo Bratina

Pollworkers needed in Roxborough/Manayunk area on

Tuesday,May 16, 2017 to staff polling places inside at the

registration tables or to run the voting machines.

You must be registered to vote in order to work. 

If you're interested please contact Gary Ferris at


or Sarai Pierre at 215-685-4811.

This is a paid position; training is encouraged and available.

For more information:

Let's help the developers maintain the walkability and historical character of our beloved neighborhoods!                        


*Please note: The Ridge Park Civic Association is non-partisan and does not endorse any candidate running in any election, ever.  The links above, and content in this website is intended only to encourage interest and activism.   We respect and welcome the opinions and input of all living human beings.  

I was having trouble with a developer trying to build behind my house, and the RPCA helped my family ensure the best possible outcome for the neighborhood.

                                           - Denise Atkinson

Thank you for keeping Germany Hill clean!                                    


What People Are Saying



- Cinnaminson Street Development

7pm | Tue,  May 9, 2017

5th District Police Station

6666 Ridge Ave.

[Ridge Ave & Cinnaminson St]
Phila.,PA 19128

(215) 686-3050

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Meeting Schedule

RPCA Meetings are held quarterly / four times per year / every three months.  Special meetings are held as circumstances dictate. 

Meetings are usually held on the 
2nd Tuesday of March / June / Sept /  Dec

All are welcome to be part of bettering our community! 


Following us on Facebook or visiting this website is the best way to stay informed. 

  • Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) -Maintains the beautiful public streetscape and visual qualities of our neighborhood by implementing standards for new construction.
  • Tree Tenders - Planting Trees locally in collaboration with the Pa Horticultural Society
  • Clean ups; Germany Hill & other areas
  • Inter-Community Org Collaboration
  • Publishing community updates
  • Community Outreach / Resident support

What we do

Ridge Park Civic Association is a community organization of volunteers working to improve our neighborhood within Roxborough & Manayunk in Philadelphia, PA

It’s important to us to be clear about what we do; supporting the  needs of our community, via the following activities:. 


Representing the community residing within the boundaries of Henry Avenue to the Schuylkill River and Hermitage Street to Harmon Road to include Canton & Umbria to Leverington Ave.

Our Misson